3 Tips to Lose Weight in Four Weeks

It’s ironic that at times the only thing you need in order to start losing weight is an education on moderation and consistency. Did you know that you really do not have to starve yourself to lose weight and shape up? Oddly enough, you can eat a variety food every two hours and lose more weight than you would on a fad diet.

By understanding what a balanced diet is and what type of hydration your body needs, you’ll begin to not only lose extra weight but improve your concentration and focus at work. If you’re irritated and upset with the weight loss results that you’re getting it may only be due to the fact that you’re unaware of how consistency and moderation fits into a weight loss journey.

Hydrate First!

Let’s first acknowledge the need for water in the body. The majority of our body is, in fact, made up of water. Do you know how easy it is to become dehydrated throughout the day? Did you know that dehydration also leads to hunger and fatigue?

By drinking a gallon of water a day you can actually over come your fatigue, inability to concentrate and mood swings. You can control your hunger by drinking enough water because your body is depleting itself of toxins. Your #1 priority as of right now is to drink a gallon of water a day.

Take Control of your Metabolism

The next component to focus on is your metabolism. The metabolic process is essential in losing weight and maintaining the energy that you need. Your first priority in the morning is to eat something with protein in it. By eating first thing it will skyrocket your metabolism. I’m not suggesting that you have a huge breakfast either, especially if you’re not a morning person. Drink a cup of coffee and have a meal or snack with protein which will provide your muscles with energy to feed off of. It will also prevent your body from storing fat.

Always have snacks with you so that you can begin eating very small meals every two hours. Three big meals a day is the worst thing that you can do if you want to lose weight. You’re often hungry between those three meals and then eat too much when it’s finally lunch or dinner time. By having a smaller snack every two hours you’ll cut down on bingeing and create an internal clock. If you can have at least 7-8 small meals a day and drink 1 gallon of water, you may lose weight instantly because it significantly boosts your metabolic activity.

Balance and Physical Activity

Being that everyone has a different body type I won’t get into specifics with exercise; although, getting at least 20 minutes of any kind of work out per day or every other day is going to change your weight, mood and sleeping pattern. Being “too busy” isn’t an excuse. 20 minutes is possible if you wake up early or go on a quick run immediately after work or during your lunch hour.

Also, snacking every two hours doesn’t mean that you only need to have healthy foods. Although your diet should be balanced in nutrition you should never starve yourself when you’re having a craving. By actually eating a favorite food in small portions it will prevent you from eating too much by your next meal. Eat the types of foods that you normally would but keep them small.

By maintaining this routine and a healthy sleep schedule for four weeks your body type will change drastically and you won’t feel the need to splurge on food. Remember what consistency does and why constantly feeding your body is going to maintain metabolic activity. No diet pills, fads or starving yourself. Practice the habits, stick to them and you’ll soon find a balance between happiness and a healthy self esteem.


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