6 Easy-to-Find Food Items That Have Appetite Suppressant Properties

Being able to lose weight consistently requires much more than mere willpower.

It is imperative that you exercise better control over your food cravings, especially for those late-night snacks and food items that can quickly pack some unwanted pounds. Fortunately, you can take help of certain food items which can fill you up easily and also serve as appetite suppressors.

Regular consumption of these food items can actually help you burn away all that unwanted fat. Following are some of these natural food and drink items which fall in this category:

Apples – Apples consist of a particular soluble fiber known as pectin, which significantly reduces the calories and sugar that get absorbed in the bloodstream after a meal. Pectin contained in apples also prevents those blood sugar spikes which can majorly increase the fat storage level in your body. Furthermore, it assists the prevention of blood sugar crash which causes food cravings. Having an apple in between the meals can curb your cravings for couple of hours, thereby keeping you away from unwanted snacking.

Ginger – Ginger has been traditionally known to assist the digestion process of the body. This is also beneficial with regard to appetite suppression as you feel less hungry when the food moves faster through the body. In addition, ginger works as a stimulant capable of energizing and providing more fat burning ability through exercise.

Green tea – Not only does green tea help in boosting the body’s natural metabolism, it also helps one in remaining full throughout the day. It serves as an excellent weapon to burn body fat as green tea consists of an important nutrient called EGCG that is responsible for metabolizing fat inside the body. In simple words, a glass of green tea can help your body harness the energy stored inside the fat cells, apart from suppressing your appetite for around four hours continuously.

Cayenne pepper – Known to be one among the most effective and safe metabolism boosting agents, Cayenne pepper has the ability to make the human body burn extra 10 cal all by itself. Addition of Cayenne pepper to regular meals can help you in appetite suppression and can cut your calorie consumption from the next meal by as much as 60 cal. All in all, with its regular consumption, you can lose as much as 4 pounds of weight in 30 days’ time, without doing anything at all.

Avocados – avocados consist of plenty of healthy mono saturated fats, making them an excellent meal if consumed in moderation. They also function as an effective appetite suppressant as the fat contained in them sends the signal of fullness to the brain. The fiber content in avocados assist the digestive system as well.

Almonds  – Not only are almonds an excellent source of food, they also work as appetite suppressors. Eating a few almonds can keep you full for many hours at a stretch, apart from providing your body with necessary magnesium, vitamin E and antioxidants. Having a few of them along with a glass of water after dinner can keep you full until you hit the bed. This works as a great trick to stay away from late-night snacking.

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