Essential Minerals that are Critical for Weight-Loss

Losing body weight means much more than exercising and eating right food. The best way of getting one’s body in good shape is by making sure that one consumes the right amount of minerals and vitamins. If you look closely you will discover that minerals and vitamins can in fact help you significantly in shedding those unwanted pounds and help you achieve your target weight much faster. Taking a good quality multivitamin which comprises of all essential vitamins and minerals can prove to be an excellent method of augmenting your daily diet. Following are four essential minerals which can go a long way in helping you lose weight consistently over a period of time:


Calcium plays a significant role in breakdown of fat cells inside the body. If consumed regularly along with a healthy and proper diet, calcium can significantly deplete the fat stores inside the body. Additionally, calcium has a certain thermogenic quality which enables the body to burn more fat quickly.

The best effect of calcium is seen when it is consumed regularly along with a healthy diet, and many scientific studies have proven that it does help in burning more amount of fat. But, weight watchers must exercise caution about the quantity of calcium they consume as having too much of it can result in detrimental effects.


While zinc deficiency results in some very noticeable side-effects, the most visible being the individual’s ability to taste and smell, the main impact by not consuming enough of it is a negative effect on one’s immune system. An improperly functioning immune system affects the natural ability of the human body to burn fat deposits. In fact, it can result in rise of insulin resistance, thereby causing inflammation that can in turn lock down the body’s natural ability to utilize energy stored in fat cells. Incorporating sufficient quantities of zinc in your daily diet can boost your immune system and resultantly increase the body’s fat burning ability.


A mineral which is found in excess of 300 different enzymes inside the human body, it impacts every organ system of the human body. Magnesium plays a key role in regulation of natural metabolic rate that produces the required energy to carry out daily tasks. It also facilitates better hydration of the cells inside the body, thereby improving sleep quality and cortisol release (growth hormone which burns body fat). Increase in the magnesium level of the body helps it utilize more energy from the body’s stored fat cells.


As in the case of zinc, iodine is also responsible for supporting the body’s immune system. Iodine presence in the body provides antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal elements which help in fighting viruses and infections. Deficiency of iodine can have a major negative impact on the immune system, thereby also impacting the natural ability of body to burn excess fat. Furthermore, it is also required by thyroid gland to continue operating properly. Improving the functioning of thyroid gland automatically has a positive impact on the metabolic rate, which in turn assists in weight loss.

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