Foods that Boost Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

Yes, even eating more food can help you kick start the day feeling healthier and happier than ever before; well, the right foods anyway. You don’t always have to lumber over the kitchen counter and reach for that decaf when a few mouthfuls of the right kind of foods can have you feeling energized in a few hours. Here are some of the most popular tried and tested foods that will make it possible for you to take on another day with gusto –

Green Tea

We know that green tea helps you lose weight. But did you know that it also boosts your metabolism? Skip the black coffee and regular tea. Not only does green tea promote fat oxidation it is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids. In other words, it starts burning the calories that you ingest while you are eating!


Start off your morning with a healthy bowl of oatmeal and whiz past the day’s activities without tiring yourself out. The nutrient rich food comes with fat soluble fiber. Why is oatmeal one of the foods that boost metabolism? The fat soluble fiber in oatmeal requires a lot of calories to break it down. This means that your body has to work harder to break it down as well.

Lean Proteins

You don’t have to cut down on your favorite foods while you are on a diet. Like oatmeal, lean proteins like chicken and turkey also require the body to work harder to break them down. The result? A more energized you.


Whoever said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away sure knew what they were talking about. The old adage is backed by good old science. Not only is the fruit low in calories, it is also packed with nutrient rich fiber. Apples are also affective against metabolic syndrome.

Tuna and Salmon

According to research, individuals who have slow metabolism often have high levels of the hormone leptin. Consuming fish is a great way for you to bring those levels down. For example, the oil in fish like salmon and tuna makes it possible for your body to process food faster and decrease leptin levels.


You might have hated the sight of this particular vegetable when you were a kid but its best that you make it an essential part of your diet now. Broccoli comes with Calcium and Vitamin C. These two nutrients team up inside your body to boost your metabolism. Just make sure that you have a fully functional thyroid before eating it since broccoli has been known to slow the production of thyroid hormones in individuals who suffer from thyroid disease.

Brown Rice

You might be eating a plate of this everyday for your weight loss program but have you ever wondered why it left you feeling peppy after a few days? That’s because brown rice has fiber which is affective in regulating insulin levels. This in turn boosts your metabolism.

Now that you know the foods that boost metabolism you shouldn’t have any trouble incorporating them in your new diet plan.

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