Green Coffee Bean Extract: Weight-Loss Miracle or Scam?

A piping hot, aromatic coffee is loved by early morning commuters and busy mothers alike, but could something so engrained in modern culture be hiding a secret life of weight loss benefits? It is the untouched green coffee bean that holds the key to this mystery.

It’s impossible to write an article about coffee beans without addressing the issue of why there are such health differences between roasted and untouched, natural beans. The following process should explain:

  1. Raw coffee beans are picked
  2. They are roasted to 205°C (ish) [1], until they crack like popcorn
  3. For deeper roasts, the temperature rises and they are heated further

The word ‘roasted’ is perhaps a problem here. It makes the process sound quite pleasant. In reality the beans are being burnt. Fantastic if you want that distinctive taste, but not so great if you’re looking at retaining much of the nutritional value.

Looking at a datasheet with the nutritional content of Green Coffee is almost unbelievable, is like an alternative heath dream, there are [2]:

  • Alkaloids
  • Healthy fats
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Chlorogenic Acids

All of these are great if you’re trying to stay maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it’s the last point that has really propelled green coffee beans into the limelight.

Chlorogenic acid, in combination with the caffeine found naturally in the beans, helps the body to process fats more efficiently. This takes some stress off the liver, which in addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise is how a number of experiments have found such positive results.

One such test, conducted by a great proponent for health, Dr. Oz, found that over a two week period women taking the supplement lost on average double that of the control group who were just dieting regularly [3]. This is just one particularly famous out of a number of studies conducted on the topic.

You may have read, or heard, that Green Coffee Beans have some negative side effects in their raw form, and they do. That is why a supplement is necessary. A Green Bean Extract has been carefully formulated to have all the benefits, such as high levels of chlorogenic acid, without any of the side effects.

The huge numbers of people that have had successful weight loss experiences with a Green Bean Extract make it worth your time to check out if you’re trying to lose weight in a healthy, but efficient way!

Green Coffee Extract - Extra Strenght

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