Green Coffee Extract – Shed Those Pounds – The Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Evolution Slimming’s Green Coffee Extract is from raw unroasted coffee beans. Blended with 20% Chlorogenic Acid (sometimes known as GCA) – this natural resource has amazing weight loss powers.

You won’t feel jittery with this coffee, you’ll just feel slimmer!

Unlike drinking coffee, this method of taking coffee will not leave you feeling on edge or jittery.

Let’s explore what you can expect from Green Coffee Extract:

  • A strong but natural antioxidant that can help with protection against free radicals, stress and damage.
  • Maintains and promotes the growth of healthy cells – which could mean anti-aging benefits along with weight loss
  • Found to be likely to contribute to management of a healthy weight
  • Fatty acids could be released from stored fat
  • Chlorogenic acid aid the liver in processing fatty acids

It has been discovered by Asian scientists that green coffee taken on a daily basis prior to food consumption could mean a loss of up to 30% of body fat and cellulite.

Clinical trial weight loss success results

A 60 day clinical test was run with volunteers. Each volunteer in one group took a 400mg green coffee extract supplement daily, with the members of the 2nd group receiving a placebo.

At the end of the trial, the volunteers who had taken the green coffee extract experienced a weight gain of 5.7% of their weight.
Here’s what most users of this natural extract experience from taking this safe and natural supplement:

  • An improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  • Increased energy with the jittery feeling
  • No side effects

Review from a customer:

I found about this on the Dr Oz Show = 2 pounds down in just 6 days. Bring on the exercise!

Simon J Hudson

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