Green Tea Extract Weight Loss – Does it Work?

The answer is a resounding YES! We have all heard about how green tea is great for your bowel movements and how it is a great substitute for coffee. But do you know that the same factors also contribute to rapid weight loss? Better yet, do you know that you can double the affect of your workouts with green tea extract weight loss?

No, green tea does not come from a mythical green tea plant. In fact, the tea is the same as the black variety that you are used to. Green tea is produced by heating fresh tea leaves at high temperatures. This means that most of its enzyme and nutritional content remains intact.

But How does it Help Me Lose Weight?

According to a recent study, green tea is known to increase the amount of energy that your body burns and can also combat obesity. This is because of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) a compound that is found in the supplement that is proven to increase fat oxidization by 33 percent.

The process is also known as thermogenesis and is found in most compound plants. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the tea is that it does not increase your heart rate unlike the affect that you get from other caffeinated drinks like coffee. In other words, consuming it is a relatively safe prospect.

This is great news for people who suffer from obesity, hypertension or cardiovascular disease. How does this aid in weight loss? Think of it this way, if you suffer from the aforementioned ailments you can easily increase the duration of your workouts if your diet includes green tea extract. That is how affective the supplement and tea is.

Many fitness instructors and diet gurus have impressed on the importance of eating less and exercising more as factors that are essential to weight loss. The high quantity of catehchin increases the tea’s output.

Of course, you can never have too much of a good thing. The same goes for consuming green tea extract. You will need to keep eating the same way that you always did. Don’t skip any meals just because you want to speed up the weight loss! Keep you caloric intake constant and control your weight with the extract. This will help you lose weight gradually and give you sufficient energy to get through every day with ease. A workout program will also make a healthier substitute for eating less which makes green tea extract weight loss convenient and easy.

Rids the Body of Excess Water

Even water weight is, well, weight. Once you manage to get rid of it your body will slim down. People have been relying on the diuretic effects of the tea for centuries. How do you know that it rids your body of extra fluids? Ever wondered why you have to rush to the bathroom a few minutes after you have had a cup? Now you know why.

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