Raspberry Ketone – A Natural Fat Burner Which Can Lower Adiponectin Levels

Raspberry ketone is all over the advertisements nowadays! A highly popular natural supplement, it assists the process of weight loss, fat burning and fights many other types of health conditions. Available in the pill form, lotions, drink mixes and powders, raspberry ketone has earned the classification of a super fruit which is a must have to undergo safe weight loss.

Raspberry ketone – What is it and how it works?

It is a type of naturally occurring phenol that gives raspberries their distinct smell. It has been in use since the early 20th century as a popular flavoring agent in cosmetics, perfumes and food items due to its fruity aroma. Recent scientific findings have revealed the fat burning abilities of raspberry ketones and have taken them to an altogether new height in the weight loss marketplace.

A well-known study regarding raspberry ketone was carried out by scientists at the Ehime University School of Medicine in Japan. The study was published in year 2005 and it details how mice who were regularly fed a diet rich in fats and were simultaneously given three varying doses of raspberry ketone over 10 weeks’ time, fared in comparison to another group of mice who were also fed a diet rich in fat for six weeks and the similar diet plus raspberry ketone (1%) for additional five weeks’ time period.

It was inferred that raspberry ketones altered their fat metabolism and caused a significant positive effect on fatty liver as well as obesity.

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Researchers theorised that raspberry ketone results in the creation of more Adiponectin from the body (a protein hormone which breaks down fatty acids and regulates glucose levels). In case of adults, the adiponectin level is correlated inversely with their body fat percentage. This implies that people who have more Adiponectin in their system have lower body fat percentage and vice versa. This is the reason why raspberry ketone has the ability to promote lean body mass and fight obesity. Recommended dosage for adults is around 100 to 300 mg every day.

Some interesting facts related to raspberry ketone

Only around 1 to 4 mg of raspberry ketone is obtained from 1 kg of raspberry fruit, thereby making it a very expensive compound used for food flavoring. Its cost goes up to around $10,000 per lb. or $20,000 per kilogram. Despite the fact that raspberry ketone can also be obtained from blackberries and cranberries, those options are not feasible as it may require thousands of pounds of those fruits to meet the industry demand. This is the reason why most of the raspberry ketone in the marketplace is synthesized. The synthetic form of raspberry ketone is comparatively inexpensive and falls in the range of few dollars to around $4000 per kilogram.

Most recommended raspberry ketone product

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