The Truth about Acai Berries

The Acai Berry Diet is proclaimed by many to achieve impressive weight loss results, while at the same time being a natural, healthy alternative to the reams of other slimming aids available on the alternative health market. Are these claims backed up, or has the truth about this little fruit been masked by marketing buzz words?

The Acai Berry itself will be somewhat familiar to Western audiences, as it looks like what would happen if a blueberry was crossed with a grape – a picture of the fruit will reveal why there was no need for a more romantic description there. Similar in appearance to these, but it has completely different roots…

If you try and find the berry in the wild, your journey will take you to the continent of South America. Inconspicuously hidden in between the shrubbery and exotic trees, you’ll see a plant seemingly unlikely to house berries. Stretching high into the air, with palm leaves longer than the tallest people, you’d be lucky to see a glint of rich purple with the sun beating down on your face.

This might the home many of us can only dream of, but have these idyllic conditions provided the magic necessary to grow a super fruit?

‘Super fruit’ doesn’t particularly mean anything, but if this is judged on the amount of beneficial substances found within the juicy centre, you’d be hard pressed to find a contender. A portion contains:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Many different polyphenols
  • Healthy fats
  • Good source of fibre

There are other substances found in the berries that are useful for general health, but these are the headline grabbers. The benefits of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fibre are relatively well known, but ‘polyphenols’ is something a little bit different.

In short ‘polyphenols’ are antioxidants – and this fruit is full of a wide variety of them. When your body cells carry out reactions, the side effects can be the production of dangerous chemicals. Antioxidants are naturally produced substances that help to clean these up before they cause damage, but the amount formed naturally isn’t always enough. Adding antioxidants through a dietary source is unanimously considered to be a good idea.

So these berries are healthy, but so are many fruits. What makes Acai Berries different?

The fruit has been linked with cardiovascular health, digestive health and weight loss in addition to the protective effects from the antioxidants. Just the sheer number of people that have seen impressive results while taking the condensed supplement Acai Berry Pills is what has given this fruit its somewhat legendary status, even in early commercial lifetime.

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